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Our Mission: As people at St. Martin's by God's grace we strive to live by his values, worship together, reveal the Good News, and see God's kingdom grow Our Vision: To see a thriving, growing Christian community

You may be ready to make a gift straight away. If so, please click the button to go through to our secure 'Give-a-little' donations page.

If you want some more information first, read on.

Church of England churches don't really do membership as such. We are committed to being a church for the whole parish. That said we have about 100 members signed up to our Electoral Roll. This implies a commitment to the life of the Church, and those on the Electoral Roll elect the Church Council (PCC) which is responsible for the life and up keep of the church.

That group carry the primary responsibility for the work of the church, and for the upkeep of the building. In 2022 this meant a contribution of about £37,500 to the cost of the clergy, a further £19,500 to the maintenance and upkeep of the building, together with other running costs coming to a little over £84,500 overall. Our visitors make an important contribution to our income (about £14,600 including the net value of purchase from the gift stall), but the bulk (about £70,000 comes from the committed giving of those on the electoral roll.

The ministry of the Church is rightly a cost which is borne by those committed to the work of the Church, but the ancient building we care for is part of our national and community heritage which we hope any might contribute to whether or not they are people of faith.

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